CCS’ approach to government and municipal facilities goes beyond the contract and extends to a partnership. We are committed to strict implementation of the scope of work and have a track record of servicing sensitive and secure areas.


From service structure to quality assurance, our government clients chose CCS because we bring a lower total cost of ownership to facility service needs. While price is a key driver, other critical factors make a huge difference in a great partnership., including trust, follow-through, responsiveness, efficiency) also factor into the mix.



Federal government, state, city and municipal-owned buildings and facilities may have intense scrutiny in the areas of hiring practices, safety / OSHA compliance and scheduling. CCS utilizes technology and experience, as demonstrated by our continued CIMS-GB Certification, to ensure our services are unparalleled in these environments. Importantly, our team members have experience interacting with key personnel at every leadership level within the facilities themselves.

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CCS understands the unique needs of government entities—and that contract requirements extend beyond contract services to issues of privacy, security, and more. Our wealth of experience in servicing government facilities can support the extensive audience you serve.


What our clients are saying

Glenna Sanders

“CCS provides us with excellent service at a cost effective rate. We have a reliable and responsive account manager who consistently checks in to ensure his team is providing the best service possible.”

Denver Customer
Las Vegas Customer

“I have worked with multiple cleaning vendors in my many years in school operations. In a field where most vendors are between poor to average in their quality of work, CCS is the only cleaning vendor that I would rank as excellent and no one else is close. They get the job done and they do it well.”

Las Vegas Customer
Orange County Customer

“I’ve worked here in biotechnology for 27 years and I have always used CCS to assist me in engineering support around the campus. They have always been a great help no matter what the task, day or night or emergencies. A+ partnership. I highly recommended CCS Facility Services.”

Orange County Customer
Fresno Customer

“Our County has worked with CCS and their staff for over 3 years, and they consistently do a great job at our facilities. The team is easy to work with and quick to respond whenever there is an issue. Their employees are professional, thorough, and committed to meeting our janitorial needs.”

Fresno Customer
San Diego Area Customer

“CCS has been a great asset to our team. Their professionalism and quick response is great and they have been able to help me with everything!”

San Diego Area Customer

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