Facility managers and their teams face unique challenges taking care of their buildings during summer months due to the extreme heat in many regions of the country. These climate conditions can impact the type of cleaning products and strategies needed by janitorial staff as well as the ability to perform their jobs without suffering from heat exhaustion. CCS Facility Services works in many of the hottest regions of the country and below are what we have found to be best practices for janitorial teams to clean safely in hot weather conditions.

Altering a cleaning strategy for summer starts with identifying areas within the facility that need extra attention. Due to increased heat and humidity, building occupants tend to perspire more than in cooler months. Shared surfaces and common spaces, such as tables, benches, phones, and door handles, should be sanitized more regularly as a result. Studies also show that bacteria from sweat tends to stick to polyester materials longer than cotton, which means that polyester uniforms may be adding to janitorial staff getting overheated. Relaxing dress code protocol or providing non-polyester uniforms during the warmest months may help contain odor and discomfort as well as reduce the risk of individuals bringing bacteria inside when reporting to work.

Trash must be handled with increased attention during summer months as hot weather tends to accelerate decomposition of food waste. This results in worsening odors and possible growth of harmful bacteria. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) notes that food spoilage renders products not only unsuitable for consumption but also can host harmful microorganisms if left for too long. To mitigate the effects of spoiled food items, instruct cleaning staff to remove all forms of trash more regularly and never leave waste overnight to ferment. This also reduces the chances of an unpleasant garbage odor permeating the facility.

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Extreme heat can also more easily cause dehydration in employees during the workday. An effective way to combat this is by scheduling cleaning shifts when the temperature is naturally cooler, such as in the early morning or late evening.

In addition, providing easy to access water and encouraging keeping hydrated throughout the workday will decrease the chances of fatigue and keep working individuals safe during their time inside the facility.

Working in hot climates can not only be uncomfortable but possibly dangerous. Employing these strategies for summer cleaning will provide a safer working environment while ensuring that the facility maintains its high standards for cleanliness. CCS Facility Services has the pleasure of serving markets in a variety of weather conditions and our janitorial staff are trained to provide an exemplary clean while also cleaning for the health of building occupants. Visit our website to learn more about our capabilities and what we can offer your facility.