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Cleaning in industrial spaces takes special skill, and CCS Facility Services has extensive experience in cleaning manufacturing facilities. From routine janitorial service to annual deep cleaning, CCS can keep your floor clean so it can keep running effectively.

Industrial Cleaning Services by CCS Facility Services

The surfaces in industrial facilities get incredibly dirty! Whether it’s surface cleaning on machinery or using our HEPA filter vacuums on the ceiling, CCS Facility offers industrial cleaning services for a wide range of industrial facilities. Contact us today!


Industrial manufacturing cleaning and facility engineering are critical tasks that ensure the safety, efficiency, and longevity of a facility. They involve the removal of dirt, debris, and hazardous substances that can accumulate in various areas. This process often requires specialized equipment and trained personnel to handle industrial-grade cleaning agents and techniques. Regular cleaning and maintenance help prevent accidents, maintain compliance with health and safety regulations, and support optimal equipment operation.

ccs employee moping the entrance to a building
ccs employee moping the entrance to a building


Cleaning fulfillment and distribution centers is crucial to safeguarding the smooth operation of these facilities. It involves the systematic organization and sanitization of the warehouse, including the removal of debris and the disinfection of surfaces. This process not only promotes a safe and healthy
working environment for employees but also enhances productivity by reducing clutter and potential hazards.


Industrial fabrication businesses, such as those used in microchip and semiconductor production, call for a janitorial team that understands the highly specialized nature of these environments. By helping to prevent contamination and equipment breakdowns, CCS Facility Services contributes to cost savings and quality assurance all while enhancing a company’s reputation.

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