Most commercial cleaning providers have a “green clean” practice but challenge them to explain what that means and you’ll get a surface-level answer. A deeper dive into our practices in place explains CCS’ true commitment to being green. 

To further illustrate how important it is to us to be sustainable: being green is not just in our business practices, it’s is in our logo!

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Small moves can add up to significant results. Every member of our cleaning team is provided with microfiber-based uniforms, which last five times longer than standard cotton clothing. That gives us an 80% reduction on new clothing demands and reduces costs.


The air quality inside your buildings matters. Dust and particles in air can have a direct short- and long-term impact on the health and productivity of people in your facilities. A significant factor in achieving and maintaining high air quality is the filters on equipment used in the workplace.

For CCS, that means investing in the highest quality green label vacuum cleaners that meet or exceed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) requirements. Our CRI Green Label vacuums effectively pick up dirt and contain it all within the vacuum instead of redistributing it in the air via the vacuum exhaust. Utilizing quality and sustainable equipment helps reduce dusting frequencies, labor efficiencies, and traps harmful products via the HEPA filtration such as bacteria, mold, viruses. We invest in this equipment, train our frontline staff to use and maintain it, and ensure we keep filters clean.

This is the way CCS does business, and it adds up to better air quality inside your buildings.


To explain CCS’ commitment to responsible water usage, we start with the basics: the equipment we use day and night.

Microfiber mops use 20 times less water than regular mops, and here’s how: a static charge is produced by the nylon component of the fiber attracting dirt. Dirt is then trapped within the cloth or pad until it is washed. That means far less dipping in and out of mop buckets and only using the amount of water necessary.

This added advantage of microfiber-based mops and dusters allows our staff to get into tiny nooks and crevices where traditional cotton cloth and mop fibers cannot.


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CCS Facility Services has earned CIMS-GB with Honors certification for the multiple times — rare air, indeed!

CIMS-GB certification indicates our expertise and capability to help our customers with:

  • Utilizing environmentally preferable cleaning practices and products
  • Earning LEED points
  • Reducing time and costs in building maintenance and repair

In short, we can help make your facility more environmentally friendly, healthier, and safer.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) incorporates all aspects of sustainable cleaning operation, from policies and procedures to equipment to hiring and training staff.

With CCS as a partner, we can provide up to 15% of the points needed for your LEED Certification.

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  • CCS’ CIMS-GB designation earns facilities a “Green Cleaning” prerequisite + an additional point on top of that
  • Assist you and your team to achieve LEED EB: O&M points and adherence to the LEED process
  • Earn LEED-EB credits toward building certification
  • Environmentally preferable cleaning practices and products
  • Compliance with governmental requirements
  • A reduction in building maintenance and repairs
  • In-house expertise to provide sustainability consulting: green solutions, guidance in selection of equipment, materials, waste material disposal policies and procedures, and more


“CCS assisted us in developing our Green Cleaning Policies for our LEED Certification. CCS specializes in sustainable performance standards and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. The team guided us and helped us build an understanding of the process, including recommendations for appropriate staffing plans, operating procedures and the proper training that addressed both effective and sustainable cleaning practices.”

CCS Commercial Real Estate Customer, 2020