Data Centers

Cleaning data centers requires special skill and care to keep electronic equipment running safely. From regular, routine janitorial service to plenum floor deep cleaning, CCS Facility Services has the expertise to keep your data center operating efficiently.

Understanding Data Centers

Data center cleaning is a highly specialized skill. CCS Facility Services understands that special care needs to be taken to ensure that your equipment can continue to perform at its best. This is why we use specialized tools such as HEPA filter vacuums to prevent particles from being expelled into the air and onto your hardware. We also know that electronics require specific cleaning methods that are lint-free and static-reducing in order to avoid electrical shorts and corrosion.

floor grate removed

Subfloor Plenum Cleaning

With cabling, cords, and hardware in a safe and controlled environment safely protected under the floor, your cleaning expert must keep the subfloor plenum free of dust buildup. Microparticles can cause data interference and, if left too long, increased temperatures leading to component failure. The CCS team carefully follows industry standards to clean plenum subfloors one panel at a time to prevent disrupting floor stability and temperature balance. 


Cleaning for Safety

The effects of dust on electronic equipment are not simply unsightly: they are dangerous. Contaminants such as dirt, clothing fragments, and metal fibers are joined by computer-specific particles that break off from cooling system belts and fans. Between the combination of particles and static electricity, letting this buildup go unchecked can be a fire hazard. This can result in expensive repairs, downtime, and a potentially devastating loss of business productivity. Regular preventative maintenance and specialized cleaning can help to avoid these issues and keep your technology operating optimally.



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Nevada Customer

CCS Facility Services is consistent in providing great service to our buildings. We appreciate the hard work and effort both management and nightly crew gives to keep our buildings clean and our tenants happy. THANK YOU for your amazing leadership.

Nevada Customer

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