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Keeping your facility clean and healthy


Keeping your facility clean and healthy


Do you struggle with getting great janitorial and maintenance services in your facility?

The overall health of a building is more than regular cleaning and maintenance. You need appropriate staffing, a steady supply chain, efficient processes, proper supervision, and you need problem-solving to respond to different and varying needs every single day. 

CCS Facility Services Can Help

At CCS Facility Services, we understand the challenges of getting great service for your facility, and you can’t afford to go offline because something cannot get done. As one of the largest providers of outsourced facility services in the Western United States, we have the skills and the scale to deliver the best janitorial and building engineering service to keep you running. 

Janitorial Services

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Our passion and commitment to be the best facility service provider has been recognized by our clients and trusted third party experts. CCS is the first company in the world to earn GBAC STAR Service Accreditation, which is the gold standard in biorisk education and training, in addition to earning ISSA’s CIMS-GB with Honors accreditation, among many others.

Validations from independent experts like these recognize our investment in continuous improvement, use of technology and development of our employees so that we can serve our client needs even better.

Our services are designed to help our clients ensure compliance and achieve the highest levels of building cleanliness and performance.


What does really that mean for you? 

It means that CCS has you covered in janitorial and building maintenance services so you can focus on the business at hand of running your facility.


Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and get a free quote.

We will setup a time for you to speak with our business development team to learn more about your needs and visit your facility.

You will receive a proposal addressing your facility’s specific needs.

“CCS has been one of the most professional and consistent janitorial companies I have had experience working with. The team on site is consistent with day-to-day operations, from restroom cleaning to keeping the escalators disinfected. The team goes above and beyond with customer service as well. I have noticed on several occasions that the team members will help out a customer even though it is not required. I have noticed areas of cleaning when it was out of scope but did it because they wanted to. The dedicated and personal pride is like none I have ever seen before.”

Wil Bibb

Director of Operations, Tivoli Village