Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a multifaceted environment with many moving parts, from overall building health and safety to individual tenant needs. Property managers need facility services providers they can count on to respond quickly and get the job done.

Unique Needs

Commercial real estate buildings house all types of tenants, from small startups to medical offices to Fortune 500 companies. That makes the needs of the building very specific to the tenants within. The building also must maintain highest quality public spaces because people are coming and going all the time. That means you need someone that’s both flexible to respond to changing – and sometimes urgent – needs, as well as someone with a sharp eye to notice issues that need addressing, whether it’s keeping bathrooms stocked or ensuring the walkway into the building is clean and safe.

Cleaning Needs in the Next Normal

Your workplace and tenant support strategies have changed many times in the last couple years. CCS has a guide to help you think through all the angles. Get our free guidebook on Building Healthy Workplaces!

gbac star service

As the first GBAC STAR Service-accredited building services provider in the world, we offer your tenants, staff, and visitors an extra layer of protection through our investment in a sustainable, scalable response to disease exposure. You can even showcase our GBAC accreditation on your building to showcase CCS’ certification!

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Facility engineering needs in commercial real estate properties are numerous and constant, and building maintenance reflects directly on management. CCS not only knows the most common issues to watch out for, but we also are on the lookout for issues before they become problems. An efficient maintenance team creates a comfortable facility and happy building occupants.

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What our clients are saying

Scott Rubin

“Since awarding the contract to CCS, we have been extremely impressed with their tenant communication in preparation of their start date, which lead to a smooth transition and their performance to date. For these reasons, I would highly recommend CCS for janitorial services.”

Scott Rubin
Senior Portfolio Manager, Plaza del Rio Management Corp.