As a medical provider, there is no room for error. From booking appointments, capturing heart rates, sterilizing and placement of procedure tools to operations, mistakes are not an option. Having a cleaning and engineering company that you can rely on for detailed service and staff that is qualified and certified to meet your needs is comfort beyond value.

CCS’ work touches more than a million individuals. For medical teams and their patients, we ensure millions of square feet of healthcare facilities, labs, operating rooms, waiting rooms, boardrooms, offices, meeting rooms and outdoor patios are ready for a productive day (or night) of work

EVS Medical clean

Understanding the unique needs of training, medical screenings and regulatory compliance is critical when servicing healthcare facilities. CCS operates daily in the healthcare space, including patient areas, around sensitive equipment, with hazardous and bio/materials and more.

CCS’s trained EVS teams are ready to take on your environment with detailed commitment and care.

unique needs

Each healthcare facility has a list of specific needs that must be clearly understood and reliably executed as matter of extreme importance.  CCS understands these needs and has skilled EVS teams on hand to take on the task.

Your concerns are our concerns


Commitment to care

The Importance of clean, well maintained facilities and equipment is important to every business; for healthcare providers, the stakes are exponential. Few outside the industry understand the direct connection between quality of commercial cleaning.
The overall patient experience, including the quality of care provided, overall cost of care, and prevention of hospital (or facility) acquired infections (HAI), is linked to the cleaning partner you select.
Important operational considerations, including “turn time” to clean and disinfect equipment, assurance that cleaning processes and standards meet (and better yet, exceed) industry certification requirements and more are also linked.

The bottom-line?
There are a host of factors, some known and some constantly changing, at the intersection of healthcare and commercial cleaning.