Responsible Corporate Citizenship

What does it mean to be a good corporate citizen?

At CCS Facility Services, that means many things. Unified under our core values of commitment, professional integrity, accountability, continuous improvement, and excellence, we strive to demonstrate our corporate citizenship to thousands of clients and employees across the country.

In addition to delivering excellence in customer service, engineering, and janitorial services, we are committed to meaningful and measurable excellence as a corporate citizen through a strategy of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

CCS Facility Services’ Commitment Statement REGARDING ESG Initiatives

We act responsibly towards our teammates, our clients, our communities, and our planet through trustworthy and transparent actions.

HOW DOES CCS’ VISION FOR ESG MANIFEST throughout our organization?

Responsibility to our teammates

The foundation of our business is our people. Employees that feel cared for and experience satisfaction in their jobs are at the heart of excellent service to our customers.

Therefore, CCS has always been committed to acting responsibly and taking care of our employees, which is reflected in our industry-leading employee retention numbers: CCS’ annual employee turnover is less than half of the national average for the janitorial industry. Not only is taking care of our people the right thing to do, it is smart business in both the near and long term.

Frontline staff have hard – and sometimes invisible – jobs, and therefore CCS’ culture of employee recognition is one of the most important things we can do for our staff: ensure they feel heard and seen and appreciated. We feel confident that our record of recognition has positively impacted staff members’ interest in continuing to work for us.

Employees at supervisor levels and above engage in ongoing professional development opportunities, including emotional intelligence training and corporate book clubs discussing management books. Lessons derived through these books – and the subsequent conversation among peers – creates more engaged leaders and better managers, and lessons are applicable professionally and personally.

The safety of all employees is critical, and job site accidents and injuries can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. CCS has a robust communications infrastructure with health and safety messages sent directly to employees and reinforced by supervisors so staff are informed and up-to-date.

Finally, we prioritize promoting from within. When we share that we never forget where we came from, this is what we mean: most of our supervisors and managers, as well as multiple members of our senior team, started as frontline staff themselves. We know how challenging this work is, and internally promoted teammates become collaborative, thoughtful leaders.

Responsibility to our customers

CCS is committed to exceeding every customer’s expectations. While this commitment always includes top-notch service, reliability, and accountability, CCS strives to provide value-added services that will help facilities improve their service to building occupants even more, whether it’s wellness, infection prevention, or sustainability.

Sometimes, customers need help building these programs from the ground up, and CCS is there to help. CCS staff are certified in a range of wellness accreditations, which means availability to deliver in-house expertise to help customers achieve WELL and Fitwel certifications. We also aid many customers in achieving LEED certification  due to our expansive sustainability program. As our customer needs evolve, so does our investment in training and education to support those needs.

In providing these value-added services to meet customer needs, we are proud to be contributing to the well-being of customers, employees, and the general public in each of our communities.

Responsibility to our communities

CCS Facility Services shows up for our community in numerous ways, but in the last year and a half, our priority has been protecting our customers and our staff from the COVID-19 pandemic. CCS is the first company in the world to achieve Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR Service Accreditation, the gold standard in biorisk education and training. We have put this important accreditation to good use, providing industry-leading infectious disease prevention and response services to clients across all sectors.

Our GBAC STAR Service certification comes with it another opportunity to benefit our customers as they seek their own GBAC STAR Facility designation. Through providing content about our own processes and products, to access to our in-house biorisk expertise, we help customers achieve many of the necessary elements to earn GBAC STAR Facility certification. 

We also invest in our employees’ training through the GBAC Trained Technician program, funding individual certification for teammates across the company to receive training on biorisk response from the global expert. A CCS GBAC Trained Technician visits each client site on a regular basis to assess the process and provide training.

Responsibility to our planet

From our executive suite to our night crews, everyone at CCS is committed to doing our part to protect the environment. In fact, being green is so important to us that it’s part of our logo! 

We have policies and operating procedures with sustainability goals at the forefront, from purchasing supplies that prioritize environmentally preferable products to idling alerts on company vehicles.

We protect both the planet and our bottom line by minimizing transportation distances for staff and supplies, utilizing preventative maintenance on equipment and vehicles, and reducing energy use in our headquarters and branches.

Moreover, we instill these values by training employees to use industry-leading, green cleaning practices that are, wherever possible, compliant with LEED requirements—even when our clients don’t require it.

CCS facility services’ GOALS AROUND
Environment, social, and governance initiatives

CCS Facility Services has been a leader in the facility services industry in excellence in customer service and how we treat our people, and we take very seriously our responsibilities to the communities in which we do business. This has been the right thing to do for people and for the business, and we are very proud of the work we have done to date.

But we never rest on our laurels. CCS Facility Services is committed to building upon our ESG vision and delivering positive impact through a comprehensive ESG Program. We are in the process of setting bolder goals around ESG in early 2022, and our ESG goals presently include the following:





  • By 2022, measure our carbon footprint (GHG inventory) and create an emission reduction roadmap and implementation plan.
  • Consistently achieve the highest standard of safety and cleanliness using the greenest possible products.


  • Formalize diversity, equity, and inclusion targets at the management, supervisor, and executive levels.
  • Be the industry leader in employee satisfaction & retention.


  • Establish an industry-leading cybersecurity and data privacy program by 2022.
  • ESG topics and actions are discussed at the Board level on a quarterly basis.