From large universities to K-12 school districts, a trusted and experienced cleaning and engineering partner is a key part of ensuring a clean and safe environment for all. Public and private, pre-school through university, CCS delivers.

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A great cleaning strategy can protect your campus from all types of infectious diseases. Learn how CCS Facility Services has got you covered.


Any contractor you allow on your campus must demonstrate the same level of safety and security provided by your institution. Campus safety includes physical safety in and around the building as well as adhering to your campus’s security protocols. We hire carefully and conduct thorough background checks, and when we assign employees to an education client, we train our staff to understand your business and the important people you serve.

“School districts reopening safely was at the top of everyone’s priority list. With this challenge, CCS came in with a solid team and outstanding communication plan…They have done a wonderful job in creating a partnership regarding COVID response measures. I would highly recommend CCS and their team of cleaning/disinfecting professionals for any public-school setting.”


Executive Director for Facilities, Planning, Construction and Maintenance, Peoria Unified School District, Phoenix, Arizona

Commitment to Campus

We know the investment for students and their families in their education is significant—and as a result, their expectation for their campus environment is high. At the same time, educational facilities go beyond serving students—they represent the workplace for many and a gathering place for the community. From service mindset to quality assurance, our education clients choose CCS because we partner with them to deliver custom solutions.

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