Corporate Facilities

Corporate Facilities can range from local start-ups to worldwide corporate campuses. No matter the size, each organization shares the goal of running a successful business. More efficiency and fewer hassles become key benchmarks for those you do business with. That’s why CCS provides worry-free commercial services, freeing you and your team to focus on what matters most—your business.

unique environment

We know every customer—and by extension, its facilities—is different. Each has its own unique character, a defined culture, and distinct needs. We incorporate those differences into all we do. We start by listening and understanding what matters most to you; then we get to work. We have systems in place to adapt to every environment. The result? Services to suit your exact specifications and needs –solutions that incorporate your brand values next to ours.

far from average

After decades in the commercial facilities business, one thing is certain—no corporate facility schedule is the same. From 24- hour shifts, busy cafeterias, weekend events, employee meetings and conferences to the on-campus gym and locker rooms, we train our teams based on location-specific requirements. That means as your needs and routine change (and they will), we’re ready to change, too.

Details matter

Corporate Facilities often serve as headquarters for senior leaders, your C-Suite. Often that means even more exacting standards as information is highly sensitive and key client exchanges more frequent. What does this mean for a cleaning company? Details, details, details.

Attention to detail is a core part of our company’s operating tenets. Our training and checks-and-balance approach helps ensure we don’t miss a step. We’ve also built in double and triple checks to ensure every inch of space has been covered with CCS’ promised quality service and care. From the mailrooms in a manufacturing facility, to waste removal in Biotech corporations, to C-Suite Restrooms, CCS has you covered.