Nooks and crannies, tons of moving parts and sweat make fitness and gym equipment a natural repository for germs. CCS is thorough and focused to provide a healthy space for your members.


From equipment to locker rooms to the water in the pool, fitness facilities are high touch zones – with the potential to harbor germs. Not only is this harmful for your members but bad for your bottom line. At CCS, we have specially trained staff to handle those areas making sure every inch is properly cleaned.


Fitness facilities invest heavily in costly equipment and a welcoming space. CCS treats this equipment carefully to protect your investment.

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What our clients are saying

Brooke Ault

“CCS has been great at helping us provide the best appearance possible in our Class A tenant buildings. CCS provides a reliable account manager that ensures the operation is running smoothly. I can always count on their team to provide quality assurance walk throughs and frequent employee training.”

Brooke Ault
Assistant Property Manager, Dorn Platz Management - GOOGLE CENTER