Fitness Facilities

Nooks and crannies, tons of moving parts and sweat make fitness and gym equipment a natural respository for germs. We’re thorogh and focused, as we know your reputation relies on it.

health matters

Gyms and fitness facilities are high touch zones. From equipment to locker room floors to the water in the pool, high touch zones have the potential to house infectious germs. Unsanitized surfaces, without regular cleaning are dirty and contaminated. Not only is this harmful for your members but harmful to your bottom line. At CCS, we have specially trained staff to handle those areas making sure every nook and cranny is covered and disinfected. Keeping you and your memberships safe and healthy.

While we are at it, ask our Engineers how they can assist with a cleaner and healthier environment.

LOOK good, FEEL good

We have a saying here at CCS, “If the spaces that we clean look good, then we feel good.” Same can be said from your customers. A clean gym is just as important as a clean body and physique. 

sensitive equipment

Every gym and fitness facility is unique in their environment from a more weight lifting focus gym to a zen yoga studio or Pilates space. Each location is equip with costly machines and equipment . Needless to say, they need to be handled with care. Our qualified teams are trained to handle sensitive equipment with the best in precision and quality care.