Residential Communities

On location, we serve as direct representatives of the tenant management company, making service and responsiveness essential to our role. We treat each residential facility as if we lived there, a mindset that ensures the utmost care and respect.


Perfection is hard to accomplish for even the super of super heroes. Instead, we strive for one hundred percent care. With care, comes commitment to be the best and consistency in exceptional service.

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quick to act

We know it is important to you and your residents to keep a pristine and well functioning living environment. Which is why our teams are always ready for action. Things happen in a blink of a second, entrances get blocked, water leaks, tenants move in and out.

Quick and concise communication is key. Our prompt response to your needs is the secret to our success!

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Beyond average

Our residential communities expand beyond  the typical shared living areas. We service your clubhouses, mini-markets, on property hair salons and meeting rooms. We know your home is more than just the room where you lay your head at night and it is important to us to take that extra step when needed.

Will we assist with Valet when needed? Of course.

Will we removed snow when requested? Absolutely.

You can rely on CCS and trust that we will take care of your residential needs.