Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are reliant on operational excellence, and that includes janitorial and facility engineering. CCS is up to the task.

what’s important to you

 You need your facility to run smoothly, and this includes all moving parts working in unison for an efficient day of fulfillment, pickups, deliveries, and everything else. Janitorial or engineering services should be a cog in the wheel that keeps your center running smoothly.

Tailored service

Distribution and warehouse facilities can vary significantly in terms of protocols, security requirements, and specific janitorial needs.  

In these multi-company housed facilities, a skilled facility services company would need the expertise to understand the specific building needs while maintaining cleanliness, functionality and safety in high traffic environments.  

“CCS explained things in terms of overall impact, overall cost and cost relative to long term goals and solutions. His approach was not that of a “janitor” but that of a “Professional Cleaning Company and Service Professional.”

Kevin Garcia

Property/Asset Manager, Accuride International Inc