Manufacturing facilities are the epitome of efficiency, and that includes your outsourced services. CCS has the skills and the scale to help you get the job done.

Industrial Support

Manufacturing janitorial and building maintenance needs differ from most industries. Your people are working around the clock in high-traffic, highly efficient spaces. Cleaning and maintenance workers need to blend in seamlessly as part of the team.

No Downtime

Every step of the manufacturing process must be in perfect working condition or the line goes down. Janitorial and building engineering services are a cog in that machine, too. Dirt and debris buildup can impact safety and machinery. Unclean workspaces or inefficient airflow can impact your team’s productivity, job satisfaction, and even their health. CCS has decades of experience understanding the critical nuances of servicing manufacturing floors and surrounding employee areas.

A Custom Plan That Fits Into Your Strategy

There is no cookie-cutter strategy for cleaning or servicing a manufacturing facility. That is why CCS will work to understand your workflow, schedule, past experiences, and pain points so we can develop a customized plan to deliver on your critical needs.

But that is not the end of the planning stage. We believe in continuous improvement, so we will continue to evaluate how we can address your critical needs on a consistent basis.

Transitions Matter

Just as transitions in your workflow are critical, so is the transition support provided by contractors when you outsource services. CCS has a dedicated team who will commit the time and resources to work with you every step of the way to provide a smooth changeover.

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What our clients are saying

Scott Rubin

“Since awarding the contract to CCS, we have been extremely impressed with their tenant communication in preparation of their start date, which lead to a smooth transition and their performance to date. For these reasons, I would highly recommend CCS for janitorial services.”

Scott Rubin
Senior Portfolio Manager, Plaza del Rio Management Corp.