The equipment used in commercial cleaning services can make all the difference in how effectively a job gets done. Cleaning technologies have advanced significantly in recent history, including developments in more environmentally friendly and ergonomic machinery. Choosing the equipment to include in a facility’s cleaning regimen is determined by a variety of factors, including traffic patterns, size and structure, and building occupants. The following are three commonly used pieces of equipment used that deliver effective cleans for commercial buildings. 

tools of the trade janitorial man standing with vacuum floorcare

Choosing the Right Vacuum

Standard vacuums often are built with hard, plastic edges and are designed to redistribute accumulated dirt into the air via the exhaust. This may remove dirt from the carpet or area being vacuumed but does not remove it from the space and thus can negatively impact indoor air quality (IAQ)—meaning that while the carpet may be cleaner, the air people breathe is not. In CCS’ blog post Maintaining Indoor Air Quality as Workforces Return to the Office, we explore the health impacts of poor IAQ on building occupants.

To mitigate this issue, consider using CRI Green Label vacuums, which are certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute. These vacuums have been designed to contain dirt inside the vessel—meaning particulates do not escape into the air—allowing for a more comprehensive clean for the entire facility. Additionally, when some moisture is present on carpeting, a regular vacuum is not the right tool as they are not made to process liquids and can damage the machine if accidentally vacuumed. In this instance, use a wet vacuum, which is a tool specifically made to suck up liquids. There are multiple great options for both types of vacuums on the market.

tools of the trade janitorial woman on auto scrubber floorcare machinery

Mopping and Scrubbing in Large Areas

Mopping can be a long, tiring process for large spaces. Auto scrubbers are very effective in cleaning floors and provide 100% water pick up. These machines are made to dispense and scrub cleaning solution along a hard surfaced floor.

The scrubber then washes away the solution and collects the dirty remains (also known as “slurry”) within the machine. Eliminating the dry time needed with traditional mopping through use of an auto scrubber creates a safer environment for anyone walking across the floor. Additionally, some auto scrubbers have a ride-on feature (as pictured), which minimizes the physical strain placed on machine operators. 

tools of the trade janitorial swing machine polish floorcare man


Regular floorcare is essential to maintaining a good first impression, as flooring is among the first things people encounter upon entering your facility. Employing floor burnishers in a facility’s cleaning protocol is a great way to maintain the shine of a hard surface floor.

It is worth noting that maintaining polished floors often can be physically taxing, especially in large facilities. Floor burnishers are a great option in this case as they release a low vibration for easy handing and therefore reduce operator fatigue. Burnishers also aid in providing an all-around even polish for floors that may be structurally uneven. If looking for a more cost-effective choice, swing machines are great for floorcare. This three-in-one design performs different tasks depending on the setting. Swingers can polish, scrub, and strip hard surfaces. They also are easy to transport and programmed with adjustable speeds. Utilizing these types of floorcare machines delivers both efficiency and efficacy for this highly visible aspect of your building.

Working with a commercial cleaning provider that implements the best technology in the field will all but guarantee a facility’s overall cleanliness. At CCS Facility Services, our Carpet & Floor division delivers years of collective experience to provide unique facility solutions with the best instruments in the industry. We offer customers peace of mind knowing their commercial cleaning crew is acclaimed and accredited by third-party industry leaders. Connect with CCS today to explore what commercial cleaning solutions we can provide to your facility.