How to Engineer a Comfortable Space

Facility managers have the responsibility of not only overseeing the parts of a building one sees but also ensuring the comfort of building occupants. Behind closed doors, and sometimes under the ground people walk on, complicated machinery delivering multiple comfort...

Spring Cleaning for Health

With most students and staff members vacating campus for a whole week, educational administrators have a fantastic opportunity to revisit campus cleaning protocols and perform a deep dive in preparation for the end of spring break. Facility teams can use this time to...

Understanding Electrostatic Cleaning

As cleaning technology continues to evolve, our methods of disease prevention become more effective. Electrostatic disinfectant has become a more widely used tool in preventing and responding to infectious disease exposure. This method has been proven to be extremely...

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building healthy workplaces

As many companies are looking to shift back to work in the office, there can be concern regarding the quality of clean in the workplace. CCS is honored to serve numerous corporate facilities across the nation. We are ready to go back to work with you and assure a healthy and clean environment.

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protecting your staff and students

In-person learning has experienced tremendous change. Parents, staff, and students trust you to not only educate their kids but keep the spaces in which they learn clean and safe. CCS is honored to clean some of the largest districts in the nation, and we are ready to go back to school with you.

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maintaining clean facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the critical role played by cleanliness to the rest of the world. Healthcare facilities have always known that – and so has CCS.

As you continue to refine your cleaning strategy, download our our free guide to Maintaining Healthy Facilities in the Next Normal.